January 2016 Monthly Minutes

The McKean Township Trustees met January 11, 2016. The Fiscal Officer accepted newly elected Trustee McInturff and appointed Trustee Wintermute’s bond and oath of office. Their bonds along with the Fiscal Officer’s bond will be filed with the County Treasurer office.  With all Trustees and Fiscal Officer present, the board was led in the pledge to the flag by Trustee McInturff.

The Fiscal Officer then opened the floor for election of a chairman for 2016.  Motion by Trustee Schwartzenberger for Trustee Wintermute, seconded Trustee McInturff, all agreed for Trustee Wintermute to be the chairman for 2016.

Reports-The trustees then reviewed their reports of fund balances, bank reconciliation, purchase orders and blanket certificates.  Motion to accept as present by Trustee Schwartzenberger, seconded Trustee McInturff, all agreed. Trustee Schwartzenberger then notified the board that effective February 29 he would be retiring to collect his retirement.  After some discussion, motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute to reappoint Jerry Schwartzenberger as Trustee effective March 1, 2016.

Road Supervisor-With the weather forecast of 1-3 inches of snow coming, the trustees talked with Terry about plowing the snow in McKean.  They also gave a list of roads. It was discussed one culvert on Cat Run and one culvert on Lafayette just north of Lundys belonged to the county and needed to be checked.  The county engineer form was signed and will be completed when the weather breaks. It was agreed that the yearly road check will be on one Monday soon with the trustees and road supervisor. Mowing of the roads was then discussed for this coming summer.  Because of the wear and tear on the equipment and time consumption of the employee, it was agreed by motion from Trustee Schwartzenberger, seconded Trustee Wintermute , all agreed to pursue a mowing contract with Quick Mow for the mowing. Motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed to purchase a laser transit level combo to aid in the ditching of our roads.

New Business-Motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Schwartzenberger, all agreed to approve the bills being paid and to accept the December minutes as corrected.  The following rules, regulations, and policies were then reviewed by all and approved by one motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed:

Agreed to keep the current cemetery rules and prices the same,

Set $20.00 for Fiscal Officer to handle each cemetery transaction,

Set our meeting times for the second Monday each month at 7:00 unless posted on front door for special or rescheduled meetings,

Any gas reimbursement set at 56 cents per mile,

The road jurisdiction will be all trustees to be over all of the roads,

Request zoning appeal board and zoning commission to meet to organize by March 31,

All purchases over $500.00 to be approved by 2 trustees and fiscal officer,

Leave the cell phone policy, credit card policy, and expense reimbursement policy as originally voted in,

Request that any copies of anything asked for by residents to be in writing and we will charge accordingly and to continue with the original record retention policy on file,

Make the following changes to the inventory: minihoe-$55,000, Ford Truck-$30,000, Tractor-$20,000, power broom and sweepster-$500.00.

The Trustees then reviewed the mowing contract for 2016, noting the price submitted was the same as last year.  Motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Schwartzenberger, all agreed to accept the new contract for 2016.

Our brine permit was then reviewed.  We use brine for dust and snow and ice control.  Motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Schwartzenberger, all agreed to use salt brine placed on our roads for dust control and with aggregate or use on roads for ice and snow removal.  It was noted we do have a tank for brine storage.

The Fiscal Officer then asked for a motion to set temporary appropriations for the township until the February meeting for the permanent appropriations.  Motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed for the following:

General Fund-$11,000., Gas Fund-$6500., Motor Vehicle-$1500., and Road and Bridge-$8000.

Discussion then turned to the weather reports of 1-3 inches of snow coming.  Motion to adjourn the January meeting by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed.