October 12, 2016

The McKean Township Trustees met in regular session as published in the paper and posted on the building October 12, 2016 with Trustees Wintermute, Schwartzenberger, McInturff, and Fiscal Officer answering roll call.  After the pledge to the flag, the trustees opened the meeting to the audience.

Audience-Resident Wes Dodsworth asked if the trustees could repair the ditch across the road from his home on Lundys Lane.  They agreed to have the road supervisor stop and check the ditch for possible repairs.  Della Dovenbarger, resident on Lafayette Road was in to question when the township might be able to pave the road to help eliminate the dust problem she has.  Trustee Wintermute explained that the township will be trying to lay dust pads next year on various roads.  We are currently using asphalt grindings to help hold the dust down.  Brine has been very hard to get this year because the wells were not producing as before.

Four residents from Phillips Road were in to see about the reduced speed survey results. The results from the survey showed that four residents were opposed and 6 were for reducing the speed limit, of those 4 wanted 25mph.  ODOT paperwork received stated the trustees could do the resolution on unimproved roads in the unincorporated areas of their township.  The road supervisor stated we did have several 35mph signs on hand.  After discussion, motion made by Trustee Schwartzenberger, seconded Trustee McInturff, to do the reduced speed limit on Phillips Road to 35 mph.  Roll call vote-Schwartzenberger-yes, McInturff-yes, Wintermute-no.  Trustee Wintermute later stated he would rather see 45 mph.  The trustees stated they could not enforce the new speed limit, it would be up to the county sheriff.

Reports-Motion by Trustee Wintermute, seconded Trustee McInturff, all agreed to accept the fund balances, purchase orders, and bank reconciliation as presented.

Road Supervisor-The trustees agreed they would contact Madison Twp about renting or leasing their bucket truck to help aid in trimming trees.  All agreed that they will contact the resident on 5694 Chatham Road about the no mow signs and the trees.  Trustee Schwartzenberger will try to get the township 3 more loads of brine and Terry should be contacting Granville Twp about hauling in several loads of salt for the winter.  The township received notice about the Rice graves at our cemetery.  The road crew will again probe the ground in the next couple of days as weather permits.

New Business-Motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed to accept the minutes and pay the bills.

With no further business before the board, motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed to adjourn.