October 9, 2017

The McKean Township Trustees met in regular session October 9, 2017 with Trustee McInturff, Wintermute, and Fiscal Officer answering roll call. Trustee Schwartzenberger absent.

After the pledge to the flag and noting there was no audience attending our meeting, the trustees reviewed the bank reconciliation, fund balances, and blanket certificates. Motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed to accept as presented.
Road Supervisor-Terry discussed the repair being done to our tractor and motrim mower. Currently the tractor has been upgraded and it was found that the blade on the mower was partially gone, which would be costing additional work and money. After discussion, motion by Trustee Wintermute, seconded Trustee McInturff, all agreed to complete the repair once the township had received an itemized statement of what needed to be done and the total cost. We had one burial in the Fredonia Cemetery last week.
Old Business-Trustee Wintermute presented flyers on a 2008 freight liner truck at
Robertson Truck Sales. They take our truck in on trade. Motion made by Trustee Wintermute, seconded Trustee McInturff to purchase the truck, trading in our truck, and financing the balance with our bank. All agreed as long as our bank agreed to the financing. The fiscal officer will contact our bank about rates for a loan.
New Business-The noxious weeds have been mowed by the resident on Phillips Road per notification by the Prosecutor Office. Motion by Trustee Wintermute, seconded Trustee McInturff, all agreed to pay the bills presented and approve the minutes. Discussion then turned to the fire department safety check of our building. All exit signs at the doors were upgraded by the Road Supervisor. We also need to upgrade the ceiling tile in the meeting room. The Road Supervisor will call in a contractor to discuss options for the ceiling. Road conditions were then discussed.
Motion to adjourn by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed.