January 8, 2018

The McKean Township Trustees met January 8, 2018 for their regular meeting. Trustees McInturff, Schwartzenberger, Wintermute, and Fiscal Officer Ellas answering roll call. Also present for the meeting was our Road Supervisor, Terry Holtz. After the pledge to the flag, the Fiscal Officer received the bonds to the township by recently elected Trustee Schwartzenberger and Trustee Wintermute. She then opened the floor for election of officers for 2018.

Motion by Trustee Wintermute for Trustee McInturff as President and Trustee Schwartzenberger as Vice-President. Seconded Trustee McInturff, all agreed.

Reports-The Trustees reviewed the year-end fund balances, bank reconciliation, PO’s and blanket certificates. Motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed to accept as given.

Road Supervisor-Terry reported the township had one burial during the month. He has been hauling loads of salt in from Granville for the upcoming bad weather and will start working on Riley Road. The new truck is here. We will send for tags and replacement tags for the Ford.

New Business-Motion by Trustee Schwartzenberger, seconded Trustee McInturff, all agreed to accept the bills and December minutes. The trustees then discussed the 2018 township meeting dates. Motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed the February meeting will be held February 7 at 7:00pm and March through December meetings will be the second Monday at 7:00pm.

The Trustees then reviewed the rules and policies for the township. The following set by motion by Trustee Schwartzenberger, seconded Trustee McInturff, all agreed:
Increase the single grave purchase to $500, leaving the rest of the prices alone, Changing the inventory showing the new purchased truck, removing the old truck,
Set the gas reimbursement for 55 cents a mile,
Road jurisdiction that all trustees to be over all of the roads,
Request that Zoning Appeal and Commission members to meet in February to organize and any member missing 2 consecutive meetings to be reviewed by the trustees, Authorize the Fiscal Officer to request advances against all taxes collected or in the process of collection for McKean Township and reallocate money within a fund,
All purchases over $500 to be approved by 2 trustees and fiscal officer,
Agreed to update the cell phone policy to read-McKean Township employees use their own telephones for township business. The Road Supervisor shall be reimbursed $35.00 per month for his phone,
Request that any copies of anything asked for by residents to be in writing and we will charge accordingly and to continue with the original record retention policy on file.
The following temporary appropriations were set by motion from Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Schwartzenberger, all agreed,
General Fund-$11,000; GasFund-$6,500; Motor Vehicle Fund-$1,500; Road and Bridge Fund-$8,000
After discussing mowing of our roads for the summer, the trustees agreed that we mow them ourselves for 2018.

Old Business-The trustees reviewed the junk motor vehicle state laws and vegetation and garbage state laws. They had contacted the county prosecutor office about the trustee ability to enforce the state laws. The current zoning inspector tendered her resignation. Motion to accept by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, Trustee Schwartzenberger abstained from voting. The trustees then discussed putting up a 3 sided separate storage building with electric. All Trustees agreed they would research location and prices.

With no further business before the board, motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed to adjourn.