July 1, 2021

Pledge of Allegiance

President Dannette McInturff  McKean Township at 7pm on Monday, July 1 for the re-scheduled regular monthly meeting, as previously posted.

Roll call

President Dannette conducted a roll call. The following persons were present: 

Trustee Dannette, Trustee Jerry Schwartzenberger, Trustee Jeff Wintermute, Deputy Fiscal Officer Lindsey Hoskinson, State of Ohio Auditor UAN Visiting Clerk Deborah Morgan  

Update from Clerk:

Deborah Morgan delivered the results of her work on 2020 records for the township  which included completing the 2020 year-end procedures and the 2020 Hinkle filing.

She delivered copies of all her work and a binder with all receipts, disbursements, and bank statements from the former fiscal officer records as well as the official McKean Township UAN laptop that were needed to complete her tasks.

She also reviewed with the Trustees and Deputy Fiscal Officer necessary processes and procedures moving forward to bring McKean Twp fully in line with the UAN system.

Trustees and Deputy Fiscal Officer thanked Deborah for her help and advised her to submit an invoice for her work directly to Lindsey for processing.  Deborah will forward her bill within the week.


Road Superintendent was not in attendance.  Wintermute noted grader work was done

on Riley Road.

Zoning Inspector was not in attendance.

Deputy Fiscal Officer presented current account balances and bills to pay.  

All items unanimously approved by Trustees.

Trustee Schwartzenberger reported work on the cemetery records was proceeding.

Trustee Wintermute motioned to adjourn. Meeting adjourned at 8:15 pm.