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April 22, 2021

On April 22, 2021 the McKean Township Trustees met in Special Session at 6pm as visibly posted April 20, 2021 on the township building meeting room door and bulletin board for:


Trustee McInturff, Schwartzenberger, Wintermute and Fiscal Officer Ellas answered the rollcall. After the pledge it was noted also in attendance were Mr. Dave Ellas, husband of Fiscal Officer Phyllis Ellas, and Lindsey Hoskinson, candidate for Deputy Fiscal Officer.

President of the Board Dannette McInturff addressed Fiscal Officer Phyllis Ellas by expressing on behalf of herself and her fellow trustees a deep personal affection for Phyllis as well as a concern for her current state of health and associated physical disabilities and challenges. She stated O.R.C. 507 offered a remedy to the trustees to relieve the burden of the duties of her Fiscal Officer (FO) position until her health is restored. Trustee McInturff explained that FO Ellas would remain in her elected position according to ORC but would not perform as such until she felt she could resume and fulfill her duties.

FO Ellas concurred that she needed a break to focus on her health and in particular the restoration of the use of her hands. She thanked the board for their understanding.

Trustee McInturff then addressed Lindsey Hoskinson asking if she would accept the appointment as Deputy Fiscal Officer. Hoskinson said yes. A motion by Trustee Wintermute and seconded by Trustee Schwartzenberger to adopt Resolution 4-22-21 “Resolution to Appoint a Deputy Fiscal Officer” was unanimously approved. A bond form for the Deputy Fiscal Officer was completed by Hoskinson, witnessed by McInturff and will be furnished to the Twp insurance agency for bonding.

Trustee McInturff then made a phone call to State of Ohio Visiting Clerk Deborah Morgan. Discussion regarding what her role in the transition would be followed with all Trustees, Fiscal Officer Ellas and Deputy Fiscal Officer Hoskinson participating. A motion by Trustee Schwartzenberger and seconded by Trustee Wintermute to engage Ms. Morgan services in this transition was unanimously approved.

Deputy Fiscal Officer Hoskinson will create a dedicated email account for all Fiscal Officer communications. She will coordinate directly with the Ellas household and Township Superintendent Holtz for the removal of the township computer, printer, records and all associated documents from the home to the township building within the week. Deputy Fiscal Officer Hoskinson will also coordinate with
Visiting Clerk Morgan on the setup of the computer, UAN, State Auditor’s office, PERS, Park National Bank, and the reconciliation of all township accounts etc.

President of the Board Dannette McInturff closed the meeting with a statement to Phyllis of indescribable yet definitely deserved respect and a debt of gratitude for the more than 39 yrs. of exemplary service in her position as clerk/fiscal office. Trustee Wintermute and Trustee Schwartzenberger likewise stated their respect and gratitude to Phyllis directly.

Motion by McInturff to adjourn was issued at 7:35 pm

Recorded/submitted by: Dannette McInturff, Trustee


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