Township Services

McKean Township is a political subdivision of the State of Ohio, organized in 1818. It has 4 elected officials consisting of 3 Trustees and a Fiscal Officer. Each elected official serves a four-year term.

The Township officials govern the area of the township which is 5 miles x 5.1 miles (16,320 acres). The township maintains 25.75 miles of road with a population of more than 1600. Our primary source of revenue for the township is property tax voted by the voters and levied for specific purposes. The Fire Department levies are voted on and paid to the Granville Volunteer Fire Department and Monroe Township Fire Department.

The Trustees meet on the second Monday of each month. Meeting times are 7:00 p.m. year-round. Meetings are held at the Township Building located at 1260 Sportsman Club Road. Emergency meetings are posted in the window along with a copy of the monthly meeting minutes.

McKean Township has been zoned since November 1975. The Township Zoning Commission and Appeal Board meet on an ad hoc basis.

The Township Zoning Commission has the following duties:

  • Initiate proposed amendments to the Township Zoning Resolution
  • Consider and review all proposed amendments to the Zoning Resolution and make recommendations to the Board of Township Trustees
  • Review all RPO and make recommendations to the Board of Township Trustees

The powers of the Appeal Board are very similar to those of the courts. Under the ORC, the Board of Zoning Appeals is given 3 basic powers:

  • To hear and decide appeals
  • Grant variances
  • Grant conditional uses