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August 9, 2021

The McKean Township regular meeting was called to order August 9, 2021 @ 7pm.  All trustees and the fiscal officer were present along with the zoning supervisor.

Audience –

Brian and Shelly Stough, 7800 Lafayette

Ed Monroe, Bowling Green Township (friend of Brian and Shelly’s)

  • They had a recent Appraisal for a loan and the appraiser said building was an illegal structure.
  • Ed is requesting something from us to prevent them from having to tear it down.  Trustees suggested they file an Appeal with the Zoning Appeals Board

Phil Shipley, 9300 Reynolds Road

Concerned about Riley Road conditions. The Trustees have been looking into a Grant for hard service per Dannette; doesn’t meet the criteria for this (house and vehicle count).

  • Jerry brought forth a Township Stimulus program through ODOT that we will look into as a possible use for this.
  • We will apply for Issue 2 on this also.

Larry – Zoning Report

William Orsborn – building a house on 60 acres on Marion Road – obtaining a permit

Ron Barber – landlocked land on Reynolds and Marion – wants an easement or a right-of-way

H&M Metals – adding on to barn (lean-to)

Zoning Appeals meeting is Wednesday, August 11

Terry – Roads Report

Will start a PO list for Roads – bring to next meeting so the Trustees can approve.  This will enable us to better track expenses.

Road grader – Madison is selling the Grader for $60,000.  Dannette suggested we approach Park for funding.

  • Dannette moved that we purchase the grader pending a financial evaluation with Deb; Jeff seconded the purchase and Terry will reach back out to Madison Township.
  • Road spending – purchase 8’s and patch single coat – around 2.8 miles of road total; should not exceed $33,000 for chip seal.  The asphalt expense is being determined at a later date by Jeff.
  1. Mt. Herman Road top
  2. Lafayette Road – Lundy’s to Sportsman Club
  3. Riley Road – in front of Goodman’s
  4. Hankinson Road
  5. Phillips Road – may just fix some with asphalt

Report on John and workload

Michael Luciana, Phillips Road –  needs to change it to a 15” culvert.

6536 Liberty Church – landowners would like a Hidden Driveway sign.  Jerry asked Terry to look into this.

Lindsey – Fiscal Report

Continuing to work with Deborah Morgan – provided requested info.

Working on paying state taxes.

Signed up for Ohio COVID relief for Townships (ARP Funding) – sent Jerry a form to sign and return to me.

Signed up for:

  • Ohio Public Works website and online payment portal – need to pay this loan
  • Ohio Pooled Collateral System website –
  • Ohio Auditor of State – paid UAN fees
  • Gannett – The Advocate – Larry can now submit advertising and bill it to our account
  • Withholding Tables for State taxes will change effective September 1 which will increase your pay by a bit

Asked Terry to start labeling receipts for Credit Cards and putting them all in the box so that I can grab them each month and reconcile the statement with the receipts.

Lindsey reviewed bills to understand what they are for.  Jeff moved to pay bills and Jerry seconded.  Jerry moved to pay payroll and Jeff seconded.

Bev – Cemetery Report –

Recordkeeping – Bev has a notebook started with sleeves in it and will insert the documents in the book.  Have also started a spreadsheet for the cards, filing it by the Lot number.

Trustees report –

  1. Jerry – talked about ARP funding; ODOT stimulus program application up to $250,000 – Jerry will reach out to them to learn about applying this to Riley Road
  1. Jeff – talked about high speed internet
  1. Dannette – talked with Deborah about where we are.
  1. Computer is updated through April 2021.
  2. Will start using a Purchase Order.
  3. The roads will have a blanket PO and then it needs broken down by Road so Lindsey can post it to UAN system.  Will be the same with equipment.

Dannette asked Terry to determine the numbering system for POs – 17 roads total

Dannette moved meeting to be adjourned and Jerry seconded.


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