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February 12, 2024

  1. Call to order, Roll Call, and Pledge of Allegiance

Jeff Wintermute called to order the regular meeting of the McKean Township at 7:00pm on Monday, February 12th.

The following members were present:

  1. Trustee Jerry Schwartzenberger, Trustee Jeff Wintermute, Fiscal Officer Lindsey Hoskinson, Assistant Bev Hansel, Zoning Inspector Larry Hansel, Road Superintendent Bradd Bruce
  2. Absent – Trustee Dannette McInturff
  3. Guests

Wes Dodsworth, McKean Community Organization

  • Rental cost varies on residents, non-resident, full-day, and half-day
  • Had building rentals over Christmas holidays for parties
  • Having boy scouts, 4-H meetings, graduation parties, and other meetings
  • Cooler has gone out and they replaced it
  • Boy Scouts have cleaned out the barn

Kurt Nightingale, resident

Discussion to appoint Kurt to Zoning Board.  Jeff moved and Jerry seconded.  Voted and passed.

Jim Bidigare, Comprehensive Planning Report

Jim and Chris O’Neil met with LCATs and LCPlanning and they did not see anything dramatic happening in McKean Township in the next 5 – 10 years other than in the Southeast Corner.

James Wahl, resident

Came to ask about tree limbs being placed in ditches and fields and wants to know when it will be cleaned out.  Jeff stated that they will be back to finish up and clean up as well.

  • Township Roads Report – Bradd

Continued working on Old Colony cemetery treeline.  This should be done by next meeting.

Obtained price on tires for Road Grader – 3 bids, ranging from $9,554 to $10,300, which includes removal of old tires, hauling old tires away, and installing new tires.  Ohio Tire/Todd is the cheapest bid.  The tires are currently leaking and a road service call is $300 minimum.  Jeff moved we replace tires with Ohio Tire, and Jerry seconded.  Voted and passed.

Doug Barr, trustee of Madison Township, shared with Jerry that Chip sealing for the next 4 years can be continued to be shared with their township.  Jeff asked Bradd to meet their new employees soon.

Picked up more cold patch to do Dry Creek Road.  Tree guys have started work as well.  Cat Run has been regraded.  All gravel roads have been dragged as well.

He needs to purchase scarfire teeth for road grader at $275 each.

Jerry provided a quote from Hei-Way Solutions on new cold patch material.  It is cheaper delivered than our other supplier if we buy 20-25 ton.  We will demo this and decide what to do based on that.

We are still waiting on a quote from NCI for insulation.  They stated they emailed it to Dannette.  We will look at this quote next meeting.

Jerry also brought up the condition of the roof.  It does need painted per Bradd.  He has a painter and they could paint it.  Jerry also has several other ideas and we could get estimates for various products (he has brochures).  Jerry will meet with them to work on a Quote.

  1. Cemetery Report – Bev

A new deed has been created for use.  She would like to have Connie review for changes and then present to the Board for approval.  She used our old deed and Granville Townships Deed to create a new deed.  She shared this with the Trustees at the meeting.

The new deed will ask them to provide us with an address and to notify us when and/if they move.  She used the Ohio Revised Code to help her create.

Jerry will take this home to share with Connie for next meeting.

Bradd will now put markers at the end of each new grave so that this is marked until the headstone arrived.

  1. Zoning Report – Larry

Larry shared his Zoning Report.

He also discussed zoning questions and issues in the Township as well as potential resolutions that we can take.

Larry provided a letter from LCATS and the Planning Commission regarding Zoning advice.

We have one additional spot on the Zoning Board.  Jeff will reach out to confirm the resident who is interested.  He will also confirm the resident on the appeals board who may not be interested in continuing to serve.  Both Boards will be scheduling meetings in the next month.

  1. Fiscal Officer Report – Lindsey

Trustees and Fiscal Officer reviewed and approved prior months Receipts, Payments, and Fund Activity.  Also reviewed and approved paying all electronic bills and all checks presented.  Motion made by Jeff and seconded by Jerry.

Shared 3 trainings attended at Ohio Township conference.  Shared discussion during Fiscal Officer training that we may not legally be allowed to receive $100 monthly in lieu of insurance.  She has a call into Jared Kunkle to confirm.

Shared County Mileage certification, property tax bills that are behind, and County DAC meeting which Jerry will attend.

  • Trustees Report


 Motion to Adjourn General Meeting

    1. Moved by Jeff Wintermute
    2. Seconded by Jerry Schwartzenberger


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