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January 8, 2024

  1. Call to order, Roll Call, and Pledge of Allegiance

Dannette McInturff called to order the regular meeting of the McKean Township at 7:00pm on Monday, January 8th.

The following members were present:

  1. Trustee Dannette McInturff, Trustee Jeff Wintermute, Fiscal Officer Lindsey Hoskinson, Assistant Bev Hansel, Zoning Inspector Larry Hansel, Road Superintendent Bradd Bruce
  2. Absent – Trustee Jerry Schwartzenberger
  3. Organizational Meeting Held

Nominated officers.

Date and Time of meetings to continue to be the 2nd Monday of month at 7pm at the Township House.

Additional items tabled until Jerry can attend.

Review and Approval of Meeting Minutes from December was completed with motion to accept by Jeff and second by Dannette.

Jerry and Jeff met December 28th at 5pm to review 2 tree-trimming bids.  The contract was awarded to Hardwick Tree Care LLC.  Total price for road trimming to be $53,010.

  • Zoning Board Nominations and Approvals
  • Jim Bidigare was nominated for Zoning Board by Dannette, 2nd by Jeff with a term expiration of 12/31/2028.
  • Bill O’Neil was nominated for Zoning Appeals Board by Dannette, 2nd by Jeff with a term expiration of 12/31/2028.
  • Dean Grubaugh was officially re-appointed for his position on the Zoning Appeals Board with a term expiration of 12/31/2027.
  • Voted on all Nominations and all were approved.
  • DeAnn Nightingale was in attendance for the discussion.
  1. Comprehensive Planning Report

Jeff moved to accept the proposal by Crossroads Community Planning, LLC for professional services regarding Comprehensive Planning.  Lump sum of $15,000 to be paid from Fund #2272-Coronavirus Relief Fund.

 Township Roads Report – Bradd

Continued working on road maintenance.

Started working on Cemetery maintenance across the road to clean out the fence row per last months meeting.

Bradd has a committed price on insulation.  Dannette still has not heard back from NCI on their quote.

  1. Zoning Report – Larry

Discussed zoning questions and issues in the Township as well as potential resolutions that we can take.

  • Fiscal Officer Report – Lindsey

Trustees and Fiscal Officer reviewed and approved prior months Receipts, Payments, and Fund Activity.  Also reviewed and approved paying all electronic bills and all checks presented.  Motion made by Jeff and seconded by Dannette.

Shared 2024 Compensation chart and increased wages.

Trustees signed the McKean Township Personnel policy which Roads crew signed previously.

Shared year-end reports and January reports.

2023 is closed out.

  • Trustees Report


 Motion to Adjourn General Meeting

    1. Moved by Dannette McInturff
    2. Seconded by Jeff Wintermute


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