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July 11, 2022

  1. Pledge of Allegiance

Dannette McInturff called to order the regular meeting of the McKean Township at 7:05pm on Monday, July 11.

  1. Roll call

The following members were present:

Trustee Jerry Schwartzenberger, Trustee Dannette McInturff, Fiscal Officer Lindsey Hoskinson, Road Supervisor Bradd Bruce,

Zoning Inspector Larry Hansel, Assistant Bev Hansel

Trustee Jeff Wintermute was absent.

Guests:  Granville Township Chief Casey Curtis, Granville Township Trustee Rob Schaadt; resident and zoning board chair Dustin Schwartzenberger; residents Jared McLaughlin, Lora Maxwell, DeAnn Nightingale, Jim Bidigare, Diana Hooverman, Toby Smith, and Kayla Jones.

  • Reviewing of prior months minutes

Fiscal Officer Lindsey Hoskinson provided prior months minutes.
Dannette moved to approve the prior months minutes and Jerry seconded.

Special Meeting Minutes also provided.

Dannette moved to approve the prior months minutes and Jerry seconded.

  1. Guest Discussion

Fire and EMS Levy

Granville Township Fire Department presented to us a $2.6mil levy for Fire and EMS.  We proposed a $2.0mil and they accepted.  Currently we are at $4.8mil and this will increase it to $6.8mil.  A resolution is being signed at today’s meeting which will enable this levy to be placed on the ballot.  This resolution will go to the Auditor’s office to determine the additional property owner expense.

80% of the township is served by Granville Township and the remaining 20% is covered by Monroe Township.  Currently we pay one of the lowest millages in the county and it has been 12 years since we added a fire levy.

Dannette moved to adopt the resolution and Jerry seconded.

Old Business

Comprehensive Planning, Board of Zoning, and Board of Zoning Appeals

Dannette explained the role of members on these three committees and the desire to have alternates to committees as well.

Dannette moved that Jared McLaughlin be added to Zoning Board, Jerry seconded.

Kurt Nightingale will be the alternate.  Moved and seconded.

Dannette moved that LoraAnn Maxwell be added to Zoning Appeals Board.  Jerry seconded.  Jim Bidigare will be the alternate.  Moved and seconded.

Comprehesive Planning committee moved by Dannette and seconded by Jerry.

Trustee Representative:  Jeff Wintermute

Zoning Commission Representatives:  Dustin Schwartzenberger and Tara Harris

Zoning Inspector:  Larry Hansel

Community Members:  DeAnn Nightingale, Diana Hooverman, Jim Bidigare,                            Kayla Jones

*Note – Dannette had the original Comprehensive Plan printed and will obtain additional copies; Tara had the original Zoning Resolution printed and will obtain additional copies.

  1. New Business and Reports

Road Supervisor Report

Gave report on various road work.  Culverts and maintenance being completed.  Mowing continuing as well.  Gave report on salt hoop barn being constructed.  Footers to be poured this week.

 Inspector Report       

Larry provided a Zoning Report which will be on file at the township building.

Also, a Variance was completed for Philips Road with setback from a lane for a new home.  Larry also discussed zoning issues that he has noted and is remedying.

           Fiscal Officer Report

Provided last months’ reconciled bank statements, bills paid since last meeting, and credit card statement with receipts.

Bills and statements provided and for review to be paid at tonight’s meeting.

Payroll checks provided to be signed including insurance and cell reimbursement checks.

Motion made to accept these financials, bills paid and provided at meeting tonight, and payroll made by Dannette McInturff and seconded by Jerry Schwartzenberger.

New purchase order:

Moved funds within the Road Fund to increase amount available within the system to continue to receipt automatic loan payments in UAN.  $15,000 was moved within the Roads budget as that was all that is left available.  Additional funds will need to be moved from the General Fund later in the year as a Supplemental Appropriation with the Licking County Auditor as the fund was under-budgeted at the

 Contract to review:

United Propane contract provided to compare with Co-Alliance contract.  We postponed the decision until this meeting and due to ease of using existing tank we will stay with United Propane.  Jerry signed the contract for United Propane.


We have an approaching deadline to resolve the SAMs issue so we can receive our 2nd round of funding.  I reached out to the governmental relations office of Mark Fraizer and Auditor of State Keith Faber’s office for help.  I also tried using Lundys Lane per Jerry’s suggestion and it is under review.  I will follow up with the support hotline this week.

Trustee Reports

Jerry suggested we contribute ARPA funds to the McKean Township Organization for Ellis Park.  Dannette suggested we reach out to them to attend a meeting.

Dannette brought forth the need to reduce the speedlimit on Liberty Church Road due to the existing speedlimit preventing lot splits due to inability to install a driveway.

 Motion to Adjourn General Meeting

Moved by Dannette McInturff

Seconded by Jerry Schwartzenberger


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