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July 8, 2019

The McKean Township Trustees met in regular session July 8, 2019 with Trustees Wintermute, Schwartzenberger and Fiscal Officer Ellas answering roll call. Trustee McInturff arrived a few minutes late.  After the pledge to the flag, the chairman moved onto the audience.

AUDIENCE-Casey Curtis, Granville Township Fire Chief, was present with the 6 month report on runs for McKean.  Granville has made 1194 runs for the first half of the year which includes 63 runs into McKean. During the second quarter they put into service a new medic and grass truck.  Plans were shown to the trustees of the new building which should be complete around July of 2020. The trustees thanked Casey for stopping in with the report.

ZONING-Stan Robinson, zoning inspector, presented a typed report of permits for the month, which several were issued and calls from appraisers questioning property zoning. Trustee McInturff will update the zoning information and numbers on the township website.

REPORTS-The trustees then reviewed the purchase orders, blanket certificates, fund balances, and bank reconciliation.  Motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed to accept as presented.

OLD BUSINESS-Trustee Schwartzenberger stated the company to replace the front of the building gutters will be here next week.  The truck that had been ordered was put on back order and McKean cancelled the order. The Trustees ask the Road Supervisor to check several other companies on availability of a truck for the township.

ROAD SUPERVISOR-Terry stated that the bridge on Dry Creek just west of Cat Run was in need of repair and was told by the County that it was our responsibility.  The Trustees agreed to check about concrete for the repair that was needed. Trustee Wintermute stated Terry would be receiving prices for chip seal on parts of Cat Run, N and S Lafayette, and Dry Creek. Trustees Wintermute and McInturff stated they would get prices on replacing the old fence and prices on painting the fence at our cemetery. We will discuss again when we have all the prices.  Terry also stated that the new trailer for the township was working out fine with the equipment.

NEW BUSINESS-Motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed to pay today’s bills and accept the minutes.  The Trustees then discussed the current loan. Motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed to place an additional $20,000 on the loan helping to pay it out and be in position to finance a new truck. The Fiscal Officer questioned changing our meeting date in October.  The second Monday is Columbus Day and she will be in and out for the week. Motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed to change the meeting to October 21 at 7:00. After discussing conditions of some roads and discussing the finished repair on our mower, motion to adjourn by Trustee Schwartzenberger, seconded Trustee Wintermute, meeting adjourned.


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