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June 14, 2021

Pledge of Allegiance led by Trustee Jerry Schwartzenberger.

Roll Call:  Trustees Dannette McInturff, Jerry Schwartzenberger and Jeff Wintermute, Road Superintendent Terry Holtz, Deputy Fiscal Officer Lindsey Hoskinson, Zoning Inspector Larry Hansel.

Audience – Bev Hansel,  John Schmidt owner of Fredonia Mall and Melody and Justin Reiss regarding construction of farmer’s market building

  • John has trusses, has Variance permit completed.  Only variance asking for is to move it 15 feet back.  Will allow for parking in front of both buildings and also won’t block driveway.  Filing variance now with us.  Wanted timeframe from us as to how long.  Builder has opening coming up.
  • Six vendors – Cat Run, Bird Haven Farms greens, artists, 2 herbalists.  On the honor system.  New building will help.  4th season there.
  • Builder will get it done within 2 – 3 days.

Larry – report

  1. Diyanni Homes called about permits, etc.
  2. Mockingbird will do an Appeal for 1 acre.  Planning commission doesn’t want to move it because there is a boundary in the middle of a retention pond.

Terry – report

  1. Needs to buy concrete chunks – Lafayette and Lundy’s Lane – culvert washed out
    1. All agreed that things like this are a necessity.  Cost should be less than $1,000.
  2. Phillips Road – driveway issue with Brian Lemert.
    1. Larry will send a violation letter that driveway is not done correctly.
    2. Terry can meet excavator there to tell them how to correct.
    3. Never received a Culvert permit – $25.
  3. We have been trimming trees, need to grade Riley Road, need to fix areas on Sunnyside, and same size on Lafayette which needs repaired.

Lindsey – report

  1. UAN Visiting Clerk Deborah Morgan has submitted Appropriations.
  2. 2020 is completed, will start on 2021 as soon as Deb can.
  3. Deb would like us to set up direct deposit.

Bev Hansel – Cemetery report – through the letter E in the card box.  Entering in the computer in a spreadsheet.  Saving it on the computer here at the Township house.  Will put it on the Cloud or a Jump drive.

  • Waiting to find a map

Trustees report –

  1. Jerry – Mel Good’s sister, Mary Merrill, died.  Mel wants to know if he can dig the cremation.  Terry will be there with him.  Already have plot marked so no issues.  Service is at Highwater Church on Saturday.
  1. Jeff – We have 2.1 miles of chip seal.  Mt. Herman, Riley, Lafayette, Phillips, Hankinson Roads.  Wants to put a single coat of 8’s on everything.  $40,000.

Fiscal Officer presented invoices to be paid.  Upon review by Trustees, Trustee Wintermute moved approve payment.  Trustee Schwartzenberger seconded.

Timesheets Jerry moved to pay payroll and Jeff seconded.

Meeting adjourned 9:30 pm


Home / Monthly Minutes / June 14, 2021