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May 11, 2020

The McKean Township Trustees met in regular session Monday, May 11, 2020 with Trustees Wintermute, McInturff, and Fiscal Officer Ellas making a quorum and as allowed during the COVID-19 pandemic video conference with Trustee Schwartzenberger present. After the pledge to the flag and acknowledging we had no audience attending, the trustees moved on to the zoning report from Stan.

Zoning-It was discussed with the trustees that we would follow the county permits to cease after a year and then new ones would need to be issued. The April zoning meeting was cancelled and will be rescheduled when allowed.

Reports-After reviewing the monthly reports of purchase orders, blanket certificates, fund balances, motion to accept by Trustee Wintermute, seconded Trustee McInturff, all agreed to accept as presented.

Road Supervisor-Trustee Wintermute reported he had not received any estimates as of yet for Timbuk and Dry Creek Road. Trustee Schwartzenberger stated he would like to see Riley Road paved whenever money would allow. We know it would never qualify for grant monies. Culverts were discussed. It was agreed to do the needed culvert work on Lafayette and Riley Road. Hankinson Road had an 18” culvert plugged that needed to be jetted. The Trustees also agreed to proceed with the work. Terry also stated the county was not taking any more dumped tires. People are apparently dumping and cleaning during their quarantine. He called around and Campbell Tires in Zanesville will take tires for a price and a check at the time of dropping off. Motion by Trustee McInturff, seconded Trustee Wintermute, all agreed to use this company. The road supervisor also agreed to check with Madison Township about the equipment rental agreement and ODNR about our brine permit. The Trustees then discussed the property adjoining the cemetery on Sportsman Club. It was agreed we are now mowing to look better with the pins set but agreed to not putting up fence until the final paperwork was filed. Terry stated the cemetery fence should be finished this week. There will be 35 and he will try to come up with 2 more to make it look nice at the road. We also need 6x6x8 post which he will pick up.

Business-Motion by Trustee Wintermute, seconded Trustee McInturff, all agreed to pay todays bills and accept the minutes. After some discussion as to road conditions, motion to adjourn for the evening by Trustee Wintermute, seconded Trustee McInturff, all agreed.


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