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May 9, 2022

  1. Pledge of Allegiance

Dannette McInturff called to order the regular meeting of the McKean Township at 7pm on Monday, April 9.

  1. Roll call

The following members were present:

Trustee Jeff Wintermute, Trustee Jerry Schwartzenberger, Trustee Dannette McInturff, Fiscal Officer Lindsey Hoskinson, Road Supervisor Bradd Bruce,

Zoning Inspector Larry Hansel

No absences.

  • Reviewing of prior months minutes

Fiscal Officer Lindsey Hoskinson provided prior months minutes.
Dannette moved to approve the prior months minutes and Jerry seconded.

  1. Guest Discussion

David Shipley, Riley Road – Riley Road concerns.

Need dust control for the road.  Dannette shared we applied for an Engineers estimate to solid surface the road.  Cost = $594,000.  Our township is required to put down 20%.  He acknowledged this and asked for ditch work, a better base, and dust control.  He stated that there is a place for us to dump spoils.  We can also borrow equipment if we need, just ask.

Patti and Tracy Gardner, 5808 Cat Run Road  – Cat Run Road concerns.  

The culvert is not working and water is running down the road.  They presented a petition from residents on the road that want the road paved.  Dannette expressed similar concern with costs as Riley Road.

Bethanie Wydick, State Route 661 – Responding to a Zoning Violation for using a camper at her home as a residence/dwelling in violation of Zoning Resolution Article 5.10, 5.17 and Article 10.4.   She stated her adult son lives with her but spends time in a camper on her property for temporary time out periods due to a mental health condition.

  1. Old Business and Report

 Road Supervisor Bradd Bruce –


Plans to start ditching Lafayette.  Has been spreading 8s.  Talked about plans for other areas of road and improvements needed.


Shared quotes for John Deere and CAT skidloaders.

Riley Road – agreed that dust control is needed and something needs to be done.

Chip & Seal – discussed roads he will need to do this on this year.

Zoning Inspector Larry

Larry provided a list of permits applied for which are on file at the township building.

We moved that he be provided a credit card for zoning expenses such as postage, printing and computer supplies.

Jeff moved the Zoning Inspector monthly salary be increased from $400 to $450 per month.   Dannette seconded.  Motion passed.

Proposed increases in Zoning fees were shared. Some fees had not been increased since 2018.  Dannette moved to accept the increases effective immediately.  Jerry seconded. Motion passed.


Dannette presented a resolution to create a part-time position as an administrative assistant to the Fiscal Officer as is permitted in the ORC.  The Trustees voted and approved the Resolution and approved a monthly salary of $200.  Bev Hansel was present and nominated to the position by Jeff Wintermute.  Dannette seconded.  Bev accepted and all Trustees approved. Position begins immediately and will be paid next pay period of June 13th.

 Trustee Reports

Salt building – we are waiting on the pricing for the concrete pad.

Personnel handbook – discussion and review of final draft.  Following update of Federal Holidays, McKean Twp Personnel Handbook will be voted on at the June meeting

  1. New Business

 Fiscal Officer updates and reports

Salt from Granville Township invoice is due.  Will review, provide invoice for June meeting.

Motion made to accept prior month financials, accept bills, and pay bills made by Dannette McInturff and seconded by Jerry Schwartzenberger.

  • Motion to Adjourn General Meeting

Moved by Dannette McInturff,   Seconded by Jerry Schwartzenberger


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