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November 14, 2022

  1. Pledge of Allegiance

Dannette McInturff called to order the regular meeting of the McKean Township at 7:00pm on Monday, November 14th.

  1. Roll call and Guests Discussion

The following members were present:

Trustee Jerry Schwartzenberger, Trustee Dannette McInturff, Trustee Jeff Wintermute, Fiscal Officer Lindsey Hoskinson, Zoning Inspector Larry Hansel, Assistant Bev Hansel

         Absent:  Maintenance Supervisor Bradd Bruce


Granville Township – Chief Casey and Trustee Schaadt.

Thanked us for passing the levy!

Also brought copies for our 5 year Fire & EMS Agreement which we need to review and sign.  They provided a map showing the district they cover and the district Monroe Township covers.

John Hower, Reinhart Insurance

Provided summary of coverage and reviewed changes with us.

We added:

  • Coverage for the Road Grader
  • Coverage for the Salt Building
  • Uninsured motorists coverage

He will send us an updated policy before next meeting.

  • Township Roads Report

Bradd was not in attendance.

Riley Road ditching has improved.  The phone company has been contacted multiple times about moving the phone line.  Riley Road, South Lafayette, Hankinson Roads potholes have been patched and filled.

There will be a bill for equipment repair coming – the hood of the mini hoe has damage.  We will be replacing the entire hood and this will happen later in the year.

Jeff shared that we need electric and lights in the salt building.  Jeff will get some information about lights he already has and give us an update next meeting.  We also need to wrap the edge of the tarp with boards and staple to the side to prevent the flaps tearing.  Jerry will look into this.

  1. Township Zoning Report

Larry provided his report for the month and it is in the township records.

We will receive further information for a cell tower at 5807 Loudon Street across the street from the golf course.

We have received questions regarding providing stone on alleys near Dutch Lane.  Larry will reach out to the engineer’s office for further instruction as we would like to vacate any open alleys in McKean Township.

Next week Dannette, Jared McLaughlin, Bill O’Neill, and Larry are attending a meeting at the Planning Commission next week to provide direction for our Zoning maps.  The Comprehensive Review board meets the 22nd.

The McKean Township website has been down since the prior WebMaster went out of business.  We should be operational by next meeting according to David Schwartzenberger, our new WebMaster.

  1. Reviewing of prior months minutes

Fiscal Officer Lindsey Hoskinson provided prior months minutes.
Jerry moved to approve the prior months minutes and Jeff seconded.

  1. Fiscal Officer Reports

Presentation of prior months reconciled bank statement, fund activities including prior months’ receipts and payments.

 New bills provided for review to be paid at tonight.

Motion made to accept these financials, bills paid and provided at meeting tonight, and payroll made by Dannette McInturff and seconded by Jerry Schwartzenberger.

Lindsey provided –

  • Letter from Small’s regarding stone pricing for winter
  • Anthem Insurance information regarding the policy we have for Bradd
  • Letter from Ford regarding recall on F550 – requested Bradd call and get scheduled

Lindsey will attend Financial Planning training later on this month and the UAN Year-End training in December.

        Bradd’s health insurance renews January 1 so we have reached out to Reinhart with questions regarding policy options.

  • Motion to Adjourn General Meeting

Moved by Jerry Schwartzenberger

Seconded by Jeff Wintermute


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