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October 10, 2022

  1. Pledge of Allegiance

Dannette McInturff called to order the regular meeting of the McKean Township at 7:00pm on Monday, September 12.

  1. Roll call

The following members were present:

Trustee Jerry Schwartzenberger, Trustee Dannette McInturff, Trustee Jeff Wintermute, Fiscal Officer Lindsey Hoskinson, Maintenance Supervisor Bradd Bruce, Zoning Inspector Larry Hansel, Assistant Bev Hansel



  • Township Roads Report

Bradd turned in his “return to work” authorization from the doctor.  He is approved with restrictions.  Discussed return to work plans which include working only half days if necessary.

Bradd and Bill have worked on the water leak in the Township building and it is fixed.  They have greased and changed oil in the big truck.

Current plans are to remove large trees along roadways.  Liberty Township signs and posts have not arrived yet.  Granville Township painted McKean Township road sides @ Hankinson so they will bill us for the amount due.  Will start ditching Riley Road tomorrow with plans to have it done by winter.

  1. Township Zoning Report

Larry provided his report for the month and it is in the township records.

Jeff discussed hiring Jim Lenner for our Comprehensive Planning group.  There were also discussions regarding future land use and planning for future growth.  Jeff moved we hire Jim for guidance on planning and Jerry seconded.  Jim Bidigare will contact Jim Lenner at the direction of Jeff.

Larry attended the Information Session on Growth and Development in Licking County.  He suggested we review the slides.

The Trustees shared potential zoning issues with Larry to check out in the township.  Clarified procedures on what qualifies a Home Occupation for Zoning matters.

  1. Cemetery Report

Connie and Bev have been taking pictures of all graves and organizing hardcopy cards for all parts of the cemetery.

Dush’s will create signs for sections of the cemetery for ease of finding headstones.

Flags being stored in the Township building were provided and will be displayed May through September and will be placed by 4-H clubs.

  1. Reviewing of prior months minutes

Fiscal Officer Lindsey Hoskinson provided prior months minutes.
Jerry moved to approve the prior months minutes and Jeff seconded.

  • Fiscal Officer Reports

Presentation of prior months reconciled bank statement, fund activities including prior months’ receipts and payments.

 New bills provided for review to be paid at tonight.

ACH delayed by one day due to transfer to new system.  Trustees, Fiscal Officer, and Zoning Inspector will receive paychecks 9/13/22.

Motion made to accept these financials, bills paid and provided at meeting tonight, and payroll made by Dannette McInturff and seconded by Jerry Schwartzenberger.

Lindsey will attend Public Records training at the end of the month.

        Motion to Adjourn General Meeting

Moved by Jerry Schwartzenberger

Seconded by Jeff Wintermute


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