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October 11, 2021

  1. Pledge of Allegiance

President Dannette McInturff called to order the regular meeting of the McKean Township at 7pm on Monday, October 11.

  1. Roll call

President Dannette conducted a roll call. The following persons were present:

Trustee Dannette, Trustee Jerry Schwartzenberger, Trustee Jeff Wintermute,

Deputy Fiscal Officer Lindsey Hoskinson, Zoning Inspector Larry Hansel

Guests:  Bev Hansel; Jeff and Julie Reiswig, 1325 Lundys Lane, Newark; John Hower, Reinhart Walters Danner Insurance

Absent:  Terry Holtz

  1. Reviewing of prior months minutes

President Dannette read the minutes from the last meeting. The minutes were approved as read.

  1. Business from guests

John Hower – discussed insurance renewal and equipment coverage amounts.  Deleted coverage on 1994 IH 3128 Tractor and also SMT-21 700648 Motrim Mower.  Added coverage on 2020 IH Maxxum Tractor & Mower of $140,000.

Discussed coverage for each line item.  He also discussed OTARMA and the differences between how their coverage works versus John with Ohio Plan Risk Management Inc.

Volunteers are covered through our insurance; for example:  Dannette’s sons digging a grave – equipment would be covered and bodily harm to others would be covered.  If her sons were injured they would not be allowed to file a Workers Comp claim, but could file it in their own Health insurance.

He will get us an Uninsured Motorists coverage rate and additionally look a lower deductible for Comp and Collision deductibles.

Dannette signed the application on behalf of the Trustees.  John shared he’d send me the invoice once adjusted with additions and deletions.  Lindsey will send back adjusted pages via email.

Jeff and Julie Reiswig – August 3rd found a hole in the house of their wall and a bullet int their bed.  They reported this to the Sheriff.  The sheriff has since closed the case.  Julie presented a map of where she thinks the bullet came from in a 1-mile distance.

She had heard that Zoning tried to get restrictions on shooting and asked about putting a back stop on a target where target practice is happening.  Dannette shared that Ohio Revised Code does not allow for that.  The Trustees suggested posting on Facebook in the McKean Township Citizens Group to create awareness or reach out to the administrator of the group and the Sheriff as this is not a matter the Township can enforce via Zoning.

  1. Reports
    1. Road Supervisor Terry – Not present; Dannette shared that Riley Road and Lafayette Road look great.  They worked on Cat Run last week as well. Continued to discuss the GPS on trucks.  Dannette will send Lindsey the information on how to purchase these.  The Trustees can have the App on their phone to show where the trucks are.  Jerry volunteered to install them.
  1. Zoning Inspector Larry –  Applications –
    1. where Jerry Gordon used to live current buyer is looking to build a modular on Chestnut Hills Road. 
  1. Drew McFarland – wants to add on to house.  Trustees agreed no problem with this.
  2. Mockingbird Hill wanted to know if we were ok with what they’ve been doing so far and we are.  Commissioners signed off on retention ponds. Lighting is not an issue.
  1. Jim Wahl – Jeff asked Larry to give a 30-day notice for contacting the county prosecutor regarding junk.
  1. Deputy Fiscal Officer Lindsey – Checking account finally reconciled for all months of 2021 YTD.
  1. Cemetery – Bev Hansel shared that she’s been working on updating.
  1. Old Business

Discussed financials in UAN

  1.  New Business

Motion to pay bills due and sign checks.

Motion to approve and pay payroll.

  1. Motion to Adjourn General Meeting


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